Feeling the winter blahs

I haven’t ran in far too long. I feel so outta shape, so unfit, so blah.

I’m ready to get my training started but I’m procrastinating for some reason. It’s too cold, I’m too busy planning this vacation, I’m too exhausted with work. Ugh! Self-sabotaging behavior rearing its ugly ass head.

I just gotta hang on because I know the blahs will pass, especially after I get that first run in and let everything shake out along the trail.

2 thoughts on “Feeling the winter blahs

  1. That’s the worst feeling when you don’t feel like yourself. You’ve got this. I’ve been there and it’s no fun. For this reason, we’ve created a site that brings together former and current athletes and provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for athletes to share their triumphs and struggles. We’d love to hear how being an athlete has affected your life (see the forums page and members/events page). Thank you so much for your consideration. You will get through this. I’m here if you ever want to talk. Margaret


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