Blind Girl Runs

20160204_103153And falls down! Dang speed bump and cobblestone road combined to bring me down. Thankfully, I didn’t break my face or anything else, just got a bit of road rash. I think it might be time for a beer. hah. Falling down, injuring myself or running into other runners is always on my mind when I’m out running or racing. It’s a lot to concentrate on and then to also concentrate on the actual running part of running. I’m just super glad I didn’t smash out my teeth or break my face.

And on tomorrow’s run, I’ll be a bit more careful. I promise.


I am not a klutz

I just can’t see for crap. Poor peripheral vision means I walk into things, knock over glasses on the table, trip over cracks in the sidewalk or shoes left laying in the hallway, walk into tree branches (bare branches in the fall and winter are the worst!), run into people while walking around my store, on the sidewalk, on the bus,  basically anywhere there are people, I’m running into them.  Excuse me, I’m sorry, whoops! are words I often say as I stumble my way through my daily routines. People must think I’m either incredibly klutzy or drunk all.the.time. since I don’t look disabled or blind or visually impaired.

The other day, a co-worker learned about my eyes and asked me what I was going to do now. I said simply, what I’ve always done, live my life as I always have, full of stumbles and adventures and love.