La-ti-da it’s suddenly the middle of August!

Hi, yup slowly dropping some weight and feeling more energetic. I am using a meal replacement plan to help in the food side of things which it totally is doing.

I’ve been adding back some light exercise, walking mostly and some body weight exercises like crunches, squats, and push ups. No running yet but soon.

Little by little 💕

sunday funday

hello world! It’s Sunday, my bf got a lot of work done on our new laundry room on our main level! we need a skinnier venting unit so we can push the set back up to closer to the wall. And damnit, if washer/dryers sets aren’t bulky mf’ers. BUT it will be better than hauling the laundry all the way to dim basement. After we get the venting situated, we’ll add some shelving, a light (the stacked set blocks the lights that are above the sink mirror), wall art and some plants. The narrowness of the space in front of the set is always gonna bug me but well, there’s nothing I can do so I’ll adjust.

Health update, I’m walking almost everyday and I’ve lost 5 lbs! I haven’t been running yet but I that’s coming soon. It’s been hot as balls here lately, like dangerous heat index so walks are all I feel safe doing considering I’ve not been running in for-ev-er. I’ve been working on creating healthy dinners and am writing out the ones I particularly like in a recipe book for future reference.

I’m super stoked to get working on my landscaping plan! I have an appt with the folks over at Mother Earth Gardens to come and give me ideas and suggestions for what will grow well in my yard. I want to have some edible garden space and lots of wildflowers and bee/butterfly friendly flowers along the fence line. and then once that plan is little more fleshed out, I need to find someone to hire to build the patio space. I’m envisioning an area for sitting and lounging around a table, gravel around the fire pit and a stepping stone area between the trees where our hammocks hang. I see it in my head, let’s see if I can recreate it. hah.

Our Private Patio (the PP hah) is also designing itself in my brain. First step there is to get the fence installed. K and I can handle that I believe. Then I’ll want stone/cement or wood decking built for another table set and chairs and maybe some loungers.

Plans plan plans.

no running no nothing UGHHHHHHH

Well, not much going on in the way of running. I’m lazy lazy lazy due to working from home since March and being less motivated to get out and even just walk.

I have attended some protests/rallies/marches and have gotten lots of steps in that way but of course, that’s not truly exercising to improve health but definitely exercise to improve our human rights.

I bought a scale finally. I’ve made it to 45 yrs old before purchasing one but if I’m serious about changing my habits to get healthy and push back on this middle aged body I suddenly have, I need to be able to watch my progress.

I have a lofty goal of losing 30 pounds through mainly getting active again through running, daily walks, and being more active in general. and being more mindful of food and what I eat and when I eat. No more snacking after 8/8:30 pm and increase my veggies intake. I already rarely eat meat and eat a big salad nearly everyday for lunch but I love cheese and eat a lot of it so I need to do a better job of balancing what I eat.

starting stats: 165 lbs; sloppy eating habits; minimal daily exercise of squats and typical stair climbing in a 2 story house; terrible at drinking water

goals: mindful and more deliberate eating habits and choices; daily exercise on a schedule/plan; increase daily water intake from zero to any amount at this point will be an improvement 😉

I really don’t know how long it will take to lose the weight but I’m not looking to go about this as a quick fix. I want to get back to being active and move my body so I don’t feel so exhausted and tired and just blah about stuff.


Motivated to run as much as I can this year.

I’m signed up for a race almost every month through September. (Need an August race, I’m hoping for Ragnar).

I think I’ve discovered a way to get in more runs during the week and it’s gonna be hard but I can do it. There’s no way around it, I’m gonna have to run after work 2x a week. I much prefer to run in the mornings but can’t make that work right now. So after work it is. And weekends will be my time for long runs.

First 5k coming up next weekend woohoo!

Yeah life gets in the way sometimes

The good news: I’ve been running more in 2018 than I did in 2017

The bad news: but not as much as I should and want to be

The good news: I started a new job that is challenging and interesting and worked with my life and kids’ schedule

The bad news: the CEO decided to eliminate my position so…

The good news: I’m running the Great River Ragnar in August!

The bad news: there is no bad news for that one!

Life is equal parts FML and yayyy!

I did it

I used my cane last night getting home on the bus. No one harassed me, no one yelled “faker” at me! The best was people moving their feet outta the way. Yay!

I realized last night, I need this thing now for my evening bus commute as I cut off a person waiting to exit the bus because I didn’t see him. So instead of looking like an entitled, rude asshole, I’d much rather look like a disabled person.