Motivated to run as much as I can this year.

I’m signed up for a race almost every month through September. (Need an August race, I’m hoping for Ragnar).

I think I’ve discovered a way to get in more runs during the week and it’s gonna be hard but I can do it. There’s no way around it, I’m gonna have to run after work 2x a week. I much prefer to run in the mornings but can’t make that work right now. So after work it is. And weekends will be my time for long runs.

First 5k coming up next weekend woohoo!

Yeah life gets in the way sometimes

The good news: I’ve been running more in 2018 than I did in 2017

The bad news: but not as much as I should and want to be

The good news: I started a new job that is challenging and interesting and worked with my life and kids’ schedule

The bad news: the CEO decided to eliminate my position so…

The good news: I’m running the Great River Ragnar in August!

The bad news: there is no bad news for that one!

Life is equal parts FML and yayyy!

I did it

I used my cane last night getting home on the bus. No one harassed me, no one yelled “faker” at me! The best was people moving their feet outta the way. Yay!

I realized last night, I need this thing now for my evening bus commute as I cut off a person waiting to exit the bus because I didn’t see him. So instead of looking like an entitled, rude asshole, I’d much rather look like a disabled person.