no running no nothing UGHHHHHHH

Well, not much going on in the way of running. I’m lazy lazy lazy due to working from home since March and being less motivated to get out and even just walk.

I have attended some protests/rallies/marches and have gotten lots of steps in that way but of course, that’s not truly exercising to improve health but definitely exercise to improve our human rights.

I bought a scale finally. I’ve made it to 45 yrs old before purchasing one but if I’m serious about changing my habits to get healthy and push back on this middle aged body I suddenly have, I need to be able to watch my progress.

I have a lofty goal of losing 30 pounds through mainly getting active again through running, daily walks, and being more active in general. and being more mindful of food and what I eat and when I eat. No more snacking after 8/8:30 pm and increase my veggies intake. I already rarely eat meat and eat a big salad nearly everyday for lunch but I love cheese and eat a lot of it so I need to do a better job of balancing what I eat.

starting stats: 165 lbs; sloppy eating habits; minimal daily exercise of squats and typical stair climbing in a 2 story house; terrible at drinking water

goals: mindful and more deliberate eating habits and choices; daily exercise on a schedule/plan; increase daily water intake from zero to any amount at this point will be an improvement 😉

I really don’t know how long it will take to lose the weight but I’m not looking to go about this as a quick fix. I want to get back to being active and move my body so I don’t feel so exhausted and tired and just blah about stuff.