2016 racing season

and so it begins! I’m registered for most of my races for 2016, I’m starting with a 5k in February and then a 10 miler, a marathon, a half marathon and finishing with another 10 miler in October…so far. I’ll probably add on a few more, the Hot Chocolate 15k falls on my 41st birthday this  year so I’m sure I’ll do that one.

I love running races (even though they are an added cost that I could do without) because I love being in the starting chute with all the other runners, getting ready to go out and give it our best. It’s a camaraderie thing, even when I’m running solo. For the first year or so of my running races, I ran all my races solo. Then I ran my first marathon with a new co worker. Talk about making an instant friend! We have run a few other races together since then, and we are running another marathon this summer, although, I doubt we’ll actually run together since she hauls and I cruise but we’ll cross the start line together and I know she’ll be at the finish line cheering me on!

Either running with friends or solo, races are my motivation to get my ass out there and train and sweat and cry and laugh and do all the things that make me feel great and make me a better person. I’ve always said that running is my therapy and it really truly is. When I’m sad or depressed, I know a run will help. When I’m happy, a run makes me feel even happier. Sometimes, I cry on my runs and other times I laugh and can’t stop smiling. I love letting all the emotions wash over me and flow through my feet onto the pavement. When I’m sad, I picture leaving all that sadness on the pavement with each pounding step and when I’m happy, I am running on air, leaving little happy hearts behind me as I fly down the road.

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