sunday funday

hello world! It’s Sunday, my bf got a lot of work done on our new laundry room on our main level! we need a skinnier venting unit so we can push the set back up to closer to the wall. And damnit, if washer/dryers sets aren’t bulky mf’ers. BUT it will be better than hauling the laundry all the way to dim basement. After we get the venting situated, we’ll add some shelving, a light (the stacked set blocks the lights that are above the sink mirror), wall art and some plants. The narrowness of the space in front of the set is always gonna bug me but well, there’s nothing I can do so I’ll adjust.

Health update, I’m walking almost everyday and I’ve lost 5 lbs! I haven’t been running yet but I that’s coming soon. It’s been hot as balls here lately, like dangerous heat index so walks are all I feel safe doing considering I’ve not been running in for-ev-er. I’ve been working on creating healthy dinners and am writing out the ones I particularly like in a recipe book for future reference.

I’m super stoked to get working on my landscaping plan! I have an appt with the folks over at Mother Earth Gardens to come and give me ideas and suggestions for what will grow well in my yard. I want to have some edible garden space and lots of wildflowers and bee/butterfly friendly flowers along the fence line. and then once that plan is little more fleshed out, I need to find someone to hire to build the patio space. I’m envisioning an area for sitting and lounging around a table, gravel around the fire pit and a stepping stone area between the trees where our hammocks hang. I see it in my head, let’s see if I can recreate it. hah.

Our Private Patio (the PP hah) is also designing itself in my brain. First step there is to get the fence installed. K and I can handle that I believe. Then I’ll want stone/cement or wood decking built for another table set and chairs and maybe some loungers.

Plans plan plans.

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