shorter days longer nights

Well, it’s that time of year that always gets me so down. We fall back this weekend and I’m already dreading the extra strain of getting around in darkness so early in the day, when I actually have to be out and about, ya know, commuting home from work and getting my kids from after school care. In the summer, I can function almost normally because there is SO MUCH light and it’s easier and frankly, way less painful. Case in point, I walked into a fire hydrant yesterday morning and almost ran into a bicyclist on Wednesday evening (who was totally being a dick by biking on the sidewalk but still.)

My seven year old tries to help but she’s seven, a kid, and often in her own imaginative world so I don’t blame her when she doesn’t give me fair warning. I am happy to announce that I did use my seeing eye cane on Halloween night for trick or treating. GO me! I am going to have to start having it on me all the time now. I need to get over whatever is holding me back (I’m not disabled enough, not blind enough, worried about what people might think/say/do that I encounter out and about) WTF ever is my issue, I need to

Running has kind of taken a back seat. Which makes me feel depressed. Which in turn makes me not want to get out and run. Which makes me feel depressed and the cycle continues. I am planning on signing up for a series of races in 2018 which will help me in the motivational department. I already am entered into one that falls near my birthday so happy 43rd birthday to me.

Treadmill running 

Two mornings so far! Gotta half marathon next week that I’m not that prepared for but I will run it and enjoy the morning and have fun! 

I’m going to try to run on that treadmill 4 times a week and get outside for longer runs twice a week. 

Make a plan, stick to the plan

My life has been topsy turvy and I’ve let running slip to the way side but it’s like therapy and I’ve gotta get back to it for my mental health.

Run girl, run!

Going stir crazy here in the frozen north. I’m too much of a wuss to get my ass outside and run in these frigid temps. Oh but I have a treadmill…yes, yes I do but I loathe that thing. I think Friday, the BF and I will hit up the Y and I can run on a glorious indoor track. It’s so glorious and I can’t wait

seeing eye canes

I started orientation and mobility training (or O&M training) with a white seeing-eye cane. So that’s been fun. I’ve yet to use the cane on my own but I will eventually. I like knowing I have the option to use it, its like carrying a security blanky with me while out traveling. I did run into a big ass dude the other night getting off the bus at a busy transit center. So soon, I’ll get tired of saying sorry and get over myself and use the damn thing. I read a great article from the BBC about how the author with low vision felt like a fraud at first using her cane and that is exactly how I feel. I don’t want any confrontation from strangers who see me get on the bus with my cane and then see me reading on my phone and can’t figure out how I can see my phone but struggle seeing my surroundings. For  many people, blind = no vision at all but the reality is blind = lots of varying degrees of vision for the majority of us blind folks. And for many of us blind and low vision folks, our eyeballs and our brains do magic to help us fake it! It truly is amazing how much our brains fill in when we have holes in our vision. But we can only rely on that for so much. Also, it makes me tired as hell to have to be constantly scanning my surrounding hoping I catch ALL the hazards in my path–look up, to the left, down, oh shit don’t run into that person coming seemingly out of nowhere to the right, up again, down, to the right, oh shit a tree branch–and that’s with the sun shining or in a nicely lit room. Turn off the lights or after sundown and it’s even harder to catch everything.

So the cane will be tremendously helpful for navigating. I want to maintain as much independence as I can in this next chapter of my life. I just have to get over myself!


Well folks, that’s all she wrote

for this season of running. I am feeling this year was pretty blah overall, I ran enough races but I didn’t get out there and just run for the fun of running as much as I wanted too. So, my  winter plan includes a bit of relaxing  with a least two runs a week, between the track at the Y and forcing myself outside on the above zero degree Fahrenheit days to maintain my fitness level. And let’s be honest, my sanity.

so far

I ran 22.22 miles Friday through Monday this past week. I think I need to add one more day of running per week to fit in all the miles.So I’ll be out on the road five days a week with two rest days where I can do some hip and glute work. I’m noticing just a slight tinge in my right knee that isn’t bothersome yet but I do not want it to become bothersome. I feel like this is the time to address any little nagging issues before I ramp up my mileage leading up to the marathon in June. Juggling this training with everything else is challenging but so far I’m making it all fit with nothing slipping yet. Of course, my house could be cleaner and I could use more sleep but these are not new issues.

As far as food goes, I feel like I’m eating okay, not great but not too horrible and I’ll need to get better at fueling properly as my weekly mileage increases. I just really really love my sugary sweet snacks and working in a grocery store makes it so easy to cave and buy the damn bag of jelly beans! But I am trying to make better choices when I’m craving something sweet like an orange or some dried fruit instead of those jelly beans (that are on display right in the front of the store, staring at me all day) or all the other many candy and junk food options. The best thing ever was getting a Culligan water filter installed in the breakroom. I had already broken my soda habit and now it’s pretty easy to get my water needs met without resorting to buying a bottle of water  or making excuses. Water is a struggle for me because I’m not a big fan of flat, plain water. But I’m working on it.